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The U.S. Constitution clearly states that our government if “of, by and for the PEOPLE”, which means what it says – i.e., IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE “OF, BY AND FOR THE CORPORATIONS”, which is what it has become, because we have a BIG “CIRCLE JERK” surrounding us that consists of SWORN PUBLICLY ELECTED & APPOINTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS, who in conjunction with their cronies, ROTATE from being CORPORATE LEADERS, to LOBBYISTS to GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and it has gotten to the point that there is NO REAL PEOPLE IN THE “OF, BY AND FOR”. It’s a case of the FOXES AND THEIR “ONE PERCENTERS” watching the HEN HOUSE, and now the NEWS MEDIA = ENTERTAINMENT and ENTERTAINMENT = NEWS MEDIA, and one feeds the other, and the people who REALLY CARE about what is going on, can’t figure out WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS NOT? And now we got a REALITY TV POTUS “It” who is having a grand old time at our expense playing on Twitter and playing with people’s lives, while at the same time, PUTTING THE USA AND THE WHOLE WORLD AT GRAVE RISKS. THIS ALL REALLY SUCKS “BIGGLY” and the “PEOPLE ARE MAD AS HELL, AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE !!”.

The People’s Party (GoPP.global) is first and foremost a PIE (public informational and educational) organization devoted to helping educate and inform the public on critical issues at a local, state, national and international level, so the public can better actively participate and interact with government in a constructive way, and be able to better understand the “public sphere” issues so citizens are more knowledgeable on important issues (referendums, amendments, public financing, etc.) when they go to the polls to vote for public official candidates and various proposals on the ballot, especially as it relates to public infrastructure and regulatory control of activities that impact the environment and the general welfare and health & safety of the public.

The PEOPLE’S PARTY (“GoPP.global”) is a division of the CGU organization (CommonGoodUnited.org), along with “PEWHASOP.org” (Protect the Environment and the general Welfare and Health And Safety Of Public), “youREAPwhatyousow.org” (REAP, or Reality Environmental Action Proponents), “PACATO.org” (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate), and “UGLY.network” (Usurped, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attn 24/7). See Web Page Header item “CommonGoodUnited Divisions” for a summary and further description of CGU and its divisions.

All of the CGU Org divisions are founded on the primary principle of having a society and governing body that acts for the “Common Good” of humanity and the planet. Another common principle of CGU Org is that of informing and educating the public on is the U.S. Constitution, which calls for a “people’s government that is of, by and for the people”, (Primary basis for People’s Party) and not “of, by and for the corporations and their loyal partners of elected and appointed public officials and high paid lobbyists” (lobbyists typically were previously public officials or owners/operators of the corporations; therefore, IT IS PRESENTLY, and has been for a long time, A POWERFUL CIRCLE WITH NO WEAK LINKS).

REAP’s current, and primary “seed” cause, is to identify and hold accountable leaky CRIMe plants located across the nation (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments), and in particular, in the Midwest/Rust Belt/Great Lakes Region where chemical contamination is the worst and the stakes are the highest – i.e., continued toxic carcinogenic chemical contamination of the greatest and most treasured freshwater body on the entire planet. For multiple decades, and a half a century or more, CRIMe plants have been continuously contaminating our natural water resources (each and every one of these plants lacks proper environmental safeguards), including our public drinking water supply sources. Sadly, and pathetically, because these leaky CRIMe plants have not been held accountable by government public officials (elected and appointed) and agencies, REAP is informing and educating people that it is their right and civic duty to take matters into their own hands (join with their neighbors and allies per the primary emphasis of PACATO.org) and sample and test around these leaky CRIMe plants themselves.  REAP will then give further instructions to the aggrieved public to proceed with presenting their contamination investigation report to public officials and demand that act in accordance with their OATH of PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND GENERAL WELFARE AND HEALTH & SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC (primary emphasis of PEWHASOP.org) or otherwise be held accountable themselves for the ILLEGAL ACT OF BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY (rarely occurs, but must be done or otherwise these officials will continue as they have in the past of giving a blind eye and deaf ear to this problem). Professionals, like doctors, attorneys, engineers, etc., are required to abide by this PUBLIC PROTECTIVE OATH, and certainly elected and appointed public officials are also, and the public needs to hold them accountable to the oath.

Through the People’s Party PIE Platform (Public Informational and Educational), CGU and PPP (People’s Party Platform) plans to inform and educate the public on how they can achieve the above in lieu of waiting another half of century or more for the government or plaintiff attorneys to come to their rescue. For various reasons, the plaintiff attorneys rarely come running to take these  cases because: (a) the leaky CRIMe plants are often in areas served by centralized public water, so there aren’t enough citizens directly ingesting chemically contaminated water; (b) many times the leaky CRIMe plants are either not located in a residential area, or if they are, it usually is in a low income demographic area where devaluation of these properties due to chemical contamination of the associated land is only pocket change to these high paid attorneys; (c) the plaintiff attorneys often reside and practice law in the same jurisdictional area (local, State, Region), and they don’t want to do battle with a company (and general industry) that is closely allied with many of the attorney’s allies (government officials, lobbyists, chamber of commerce, etc.); and (d) nobody has figured out yet, or is willing to admit, that the environmental pollution coming from the leaky CRIMe plants is actually insidiously and gradually polluting our public drinking water supply sources in an industry-wide, watershed-wide, collective manner.  There are laws on the books with civil and criminal penalties that will hold these negligent government officials (who turn a blind eye and deaf ear to obvious problem) and owners/operators of CRIMe plants accountable in a court of law.

There are many more public policy issues that the people need to become more informed, educated and active on, such as the advancing of the private sector taking over (privatization) public infrastructure systems and public lands, including the giving up of mineral rights to the private sector on public lands for little or no costs with few or no restrictions on private sector activities on these lands (they abuse Native American lands, sucking groundwater aquifers dry making bottled water, etc.). Another topic that PPP intends to inform, educate and encourage action on relates to public policy action requiring that government protect the general welfare and civil rights of the public, including the duty of government to fulfill its obligation to protect the basic human rights (equality, etc.) and needs of its citizens (providing: habitable places to live, shelter, food, clean & safe water and air, etc.). Besides informing and educating on what is good and what is right for the common good of humanity and the planet, CGU Org also has a platform (UGLY.network) to describe what is bad and just plain UGLY for society, and contrary to the fundamental foundation of the USA and its Constitution and many other principles that good respectful people with morals, ethics and character live by, such as being respectful of your fellow human beings and the planet (flora, fauna, natural resources, etc.), living by the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you), etc.

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